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KY Wildlife Control Experts is compete wildlife control company and we can assist you with every aspect of your wildlife problem.  Our expert staff will be with you every step of the process from the removal of the nuisance animal to the completion of all wildlife damage repairs and waste remediation of any wildlife excrements they may have been left in your attic or crawlspace. 

Our expert staff consists of wildlife removal specialists and numerous specialty contractors for all wildlife damage repair areas.  There is no need to seek the assistance of many different companies.  KY Wildlife Control Experts can repair/rebuild damaged soffits, siding, roofing, remove and replace contaminated insulation, vapor/moisture barriers, holes in foundations, roofing repairs, chimney crown repairs, chimney caps, fencing for decks/porches, crawl space doors and much more.  So call KY Wildlife Experts for a complete solution to your Louisville, KY area wildlife problem.

The wildlife living in your Louisville, KY home or business is dangerous but there are also many diseases to be concerned about with its presence there.  Raccoons and bats are two common vectors of rabies.  Raccoon feces can also contain the dangerous Round Worm and should never be allowed to remain in a structure.  Bat droppings(guano) has the potential be become hazardous to human health if the fungal spores of Histoplasma Capsulatum begin to grow in it.  These spores if inhaled can lead to the respiratory infection Histoplasmosis. There are numerous dangers with wildlife living in a structure and it should never be allowed to remain there.

Damage Repairs

Wildlife that takes shelter in your Louisville, KY area home or business can cause extensive damages. KY Wildlife Control Experts commonly remove animals such squirrels, bats, raccoons and opossums from attics, chimneys, garages, out buildings and crawl spaces.  We also see the damages they have caused either by gaining entry into the structure or from their existence in the space. 


Wildlife that is allowed to remain in a structure will continue to cause damages until they are removed.  Squirrels in attics will chew wiring, trample insulation, and spread their excrements throughout the entire space.  It is documented that over 30,000 house fires each year in the US can be attributed to squirrels in attics.  Raccoons and Opossums will use your attic and crawlspace to make dens for raising young and contaminate your insulation by establishing fecal latrines.  Bats in attics can also cause extensive damages as their droppings accumulate below the roosting sites


Wildlife Damage

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